House 20×3 Zierikzee by Tim de Graag

House 20×3 Zierikzee by Tim de Graag

House 20×3 Zierikzee is a minimal home located in Zierikzee, Netherlands, designed by Tim de Graag.
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The split-level building features a sophisticated daylight concept, an open floor plan and a minimal oak interior. Forty years after the building lost its historical interior, it turned out to be unsellable. The question then arose on how an historical shell just 3 meters wide could be transformed into a contemporary residence. In order to obtain a spacious interior, the floor plan has been shaped around the need to increase daylight, improve ventilation and insulation within a reasonable budget. The result is a clean building with a subtle interaction between natural light and smooth white walls. To achieve a brighter interior the architect introduced an axis straight through the heart of the building. This sightline improves the relationship with the surrounding as well as the interaction of spaces within the building, without compromising on privacy.



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