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Hot Topic: Design Memory

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By Dwell
What's Your First Memory of Design or Architecture?

Dwell's founder Lara Deam shares her first memory from her childhood home in Wisconsin. 

"My first memory of 'idea based design' actually happened in a Victorian. I was three when we moved from Evanston, IL to Janesville, WI. The only memory that I have of moving day was finding this room and going to the far right, smaller, room. In that part of the entry, there was a small bench and I felt a sense of relief and peace that in this large house, there was something my size. Ever since that moment, I have always been fascinated by the emotional impact that architecture and design can have on us."

Lara Deam's first memory of design took place in her childhood home in Janesville, WI.


Do you have a first memory of being impacted emotionally, intellectually, or otherwise by architecture and design?  Let us know in the comments below.

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