HONO Electric Candle LED light

HONO Electric Candle LED light

With the holidays coming up and children in the house, I'm looking for any alternative to having actual fire inside. A far cry from the flickering candles Pottery Barn was selling at Halloween, these LED candles are elegant and beautiful, not quite a candle, not quite a light and you can still blow them out.
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The LED Magic Candle made by Japanese designer Chiaki Murata, looks like it has a real flame in the tube, but it’s really an LED light that flickers in the wind.  With an internal battery that charges on the base the candles are portable and stable.  Apparently you can light the candle by using the provided match (with an internal sensor).  And when you’re done you blow the light out so you still get the fun of candles without any of the danger.

Buy it at Japan Trend Shop.

Chockablock with high rises, downtown Santiago at night is a sight to behold,

particularly given the building boom the Chilean capital has experienced of late.

Yet the glass, steel, and concrete can’t fully distract one from the city’s natural heights: the ever-present peaks of the snow-draped Andes in the distance.


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