Hear How WeWork Designs its Popular Shared Workspaces at Dwell on Design NY

Hear How WeWork Designs its Popular Shared Workspaces at Dwell on Design NY

By Allie Weiss
Join us for a discussion on what hospitality design looks like today with three industry leaders.

Dwell on Design New York, taking place at Skylight Clarkson Sq from Oct. 2-4, will feature three days of stimulating discussions with industry leaders. Miguel McKelvey, co-founder and chief creative officer of WeWork, Morris Adjmi, founder and principal of Morris Adjmi Architects, and Matthew Rosenberg, founding principal of M Rad Architecture, will join us for a CEU-accredited session on "The New Meaning of Hospitality" on Saturday, October 3, at 1:30 p.m.

McKelvey directs all architecture, design, and construction activities at WeWork, a group of coworking spaces that has over 25,000 members.

McKelvey founded WeWork in 2010 with Adam Neumann, who serves as the CEO. The company's workspaces are comfortable, communal settings that marry work and social activities. Here, we share a sneak preview of what McKelvey will discuss during the session.

"Hospitality is about trying to support multiple functions in one space," McKelvey says. "In the old hotel model—the bar is separated from the lobby which is separated from the business center. We’re trying to make all of those spaces overlap and impact and affect each other."

Get your tickets now to join us for the show. For a full list of panelists, see this page of Dwell on Design New York's website.

WeWork has locations in 16 cities, and does the majority of its design work in-house.

McKelvey says he directs his design team to create moments that are "shareable"—meaning that they create appeal for the Instagram audience.

"We’re really focused on being 'of no time,'" he says. "We studied the idea of timelessness, looking at what designs in history have become timeless. Hospitality certainly has an age—the spaces are cool when they open and then they [feel dated]."


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