Heading to Lima, Peru

Heading to Lima, Peru

I'll be traveling to Lima, Peru tomorrow to cover the National Gift Show and, of course, to take in the many sights of the city. There are a few places I'm very excited to visit including the Museo de Arte, El Mercado restaurant (which Miyoko Ohtake wrote about here), as well as the places covered in our 2008 Detour article. I'm sure much has changed since then and I'm hoping that you, our readers, will have some suggestions of cool, off the beaten path, or design-y places of note. We've gotten some of our best travel tips this way and hoping this time will be the same! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and look for a slideshow in the coming days.
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The Plaza San Martin.

Ceviche, one Peru's culinary mainstays.

The narrow streets of downtown Lima show the modern alongside the colonial.

I studied urban planning in college and am very excited to just walk around the city and take in the streetscapes, parks, and storefronts.

Ceviche is a favorite of mine and I plan on many seafood-induced food comas.

Hopefully my trip won't involve what looks like the gridlock shown here, but I guess it's all part of the experience!

The lovely view of the sea from the cliffs of Avenida Saenz Peña.


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