A Breezy, Self-Sufficient Home in Los Cabos Keeps it Cool—Literally

A Breezy, Self-Sufficient Home in Los Cabos Keeps it Cool—Literally

By Veronica Maldonado / Photos by Paola López González
This off-grid residence by FabrikG is finely tuned to its seaside locale to regulate temperature.

Nestled in the enchanting East Cape region of Los Cabos, Hawks Nest House by FabrikG takes design cues from the landscape. "For us, the place, the land itself, is very revealing," says architect Gonzalo Elizarraras, who has a master degree in landscape architecture. "Not just because we adapt our projects according to how they’re going to sit on the land or [interact with] the natural environment, but also how you live in Baja in general."

FabrikG architects Gonzalo Elizarraras and Manu Ponte designed Hawks Nest House to be symbiotic with the landscape of Baja California. 

Elizarraras and architect Manu Ponte worked closely with the owners to create a home symbiotic with the landscape and the residents’ way of life. The six structures comprising the dwelling include an art studio, guesthouse, and meditation room—all spread over the topography to best take in the views and benefit from natural airflow.

The kitchen was oriented to take in the coastal views. "You have, on one side, a beautiful long window looking at the ocean," says Elizarraras. "On the other side, you can open up the whole patio. It’s very refreshing, not just temperature-wise, but regarding how you experience the space."

"I think patios are very important in this kind of weather-adjusting architecture," says Elizarraras. "They come all the way from Arabic architecture, from 15th-century Southern Spain."

Building materials were locally sourced to create a home that naturally extends from the terrain. Local stone and rammed earth make up the structure’s walls and foundation. Polished concrete floors create a monochromatic look that draws from and reflects the deserts of Baja. 

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The roof terrace offers a refreshing view of the ocean. "It's important for us to consider how to place architectural elements based on the topography and orientation, and how they’re going to face the sunset, the sunrise, and interact with the wind blowing over the land," says Elizarraras. 

The use of local building materials also boosts the home’s thermal capabilities, allowing the space to regulate temperature naturally—cooling off in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. The layout promotes cross-ventilation: taking cues from Islamic architecture, Hawks Nest House incorporates patios, courtyards, and water features to help create micro-weather patterns inside, ensuring the house remains in peaceful sync with the elements. 

One of the home’s water features adorns a space between the bedrooms and main home. "We treat all the water from the house to clean them for irrigating the rest of the house," relates Elizarraras. 

A solar panel system and water treatment plant work together to ensure the home remains completely energy-independent. The focus on passive builds is a central tenet of FabrikG’s practice, which harnesses local skills and materials to produce eco-friendly, self-sustaining structures.   

While not connected to the house's irrigation, the saltwater pool has its own solar-powered saline pump and cleansing system. 

Hawks Nest House master plan

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Project Credits:

Architect: FabrikG

Structural Engineer: Sai Proyectos

Civil Engineer: Gerson Huerta

Landscape Design: fabriKG

Interior Design: Leah Porter

Sound Engineer: Jose Luis Bandini

Cabinetry Design: BC Design Studio

Stonemasonry: Baja Stone Market


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