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If you live in an apartment or otherwise lack a patch in which to plant a garden, Potting Shed Creations Grow Bottles (also available at sustainable-living shop Branch) might be your answer to indoor herbs. The company is repurposing wine bottles and calling on the art of hydroponics to allow those with limited outdoor resources partake in the gardening fun.

Grow Bottles come in five varieties: basil, chives, mint, oregano, and parsley. Each bottle contains everything you need for growing, from seeds to clay pebbles to instructions on how to setup your hydroponic garden. Each recycled wine bottle arrives in two pieces (a single bottle sliced horizontally). The top half sits upside-down in the bottom half. The spout of the bottle creates a tube through which the water reaches the seeds (and later the roots) via a piece of cloth running from the bottom of the spout up and into the cupped opening, which is filled with clay pebbles that give the roots something to latch onto.

The Grow Bottles contain everything you need to grow a wine-bottle-size garden: pot, clay pebbles, seeds, and more.

Grow Bottles are repurposed wine bottles used to grow basil, chives, mint, oregano, and parsley using hydroponics.

Once you've convinced your seeds to grow, the plants are intended to produce herbs year-round. I'm on germination attempt number two, and fortunately replanting packets are available so others will similarly brown thumbs can try again if at first they also don't succeed.

If wine bottles aren't your aesthetic preference, Potting Shed Creations offers a number of other ways in which to grow herbs, like the Bamboo Collection, Gardens-in-a-Bag, Rice Hull Gardens, and Gardens-in-a-Pail. For more, visit or


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