Grovemade Launches Watch 02

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By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
Portland-based Grovemade launches an upgrade to their iconic line of wood, leather, and metal watches.

Today marks the launch of the Grovemade Watch 02, a new line of watches that continue to build on their iconic line of wristwatches that are built by hand in their workshop in SE Portland, Oregon.

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Like their previous line of watches, Watch 02 was designed in collaboration with former Nike watch designer Stefan Andrén.

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This watch takes a departure from their original watch design which featured a wood overlay that obscured most of the face of the watch and only featured hour and minute hands.

The new line add a beautiful new concave wood face with hour, second, and minute hands with demarcations in 5-minute increments.

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This iconic new series has a more approachable price point (starting at $149) and is a great way to introduce yourself to Grovemade's series of items built to develop a richness and patina as you wear and carry them with you every day.

These watches start shipping in June 2017, but you can save $20 today only with this coupon code:


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