Greenbuild Conference: Home Insurance

Greenbuild Conference: Home Insurance

By Christopher Bright
If there’s one thing that’s clear about the movement, it’s that green is manifesting itself in interesting, odd, and diverse ways.

NBC is conducting its national green week, changing the color of its on-screen logo to a verdant hue and integrating environmentally-focused editorial content in its shows. As we reported earlier, products are being developed to solve problems created by the green movement (safely disposing of CFLs, which contain mercury, for example). And now, Fireman’s Fund insurance company is offering green home insurance.

It may sound like another bandwagon effort, but this new service from the insurance stalwart has a lot to offer. The add-on coverage is cheap, starting at just $25 for homes valued at $350k and $70 a year for a $1 million pricetag. The green upgrade is available for any of their existing plans.

Here’s how it works. If you suffer a total loss—say in the event of a fire—the policy will cover the cost of green rebuild. This includes things like energy-efficient lighting and appliances, low-VOC paints, FSC-certified wood, plumbing, HVAC, and responsible demolition and site removal. The best part: Your original house doesn’t have to be green to qualify for the policy upgrade. What’s more, there is a 5% discount for homes that are currently LEED certified, and the fees and consultancy services required to re-certify upon a rebuild are also included.


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