Green Pocket Tiles

Green Pocket Tiles

By Sarah Rich
If you aspire to have a little kitchen garden for herbs and baby greens, these Green Pockets would be an elegant place to start. The small planters affix to the wall, interspersed with flat tile to make a three-dimensional, botanical display out of a backsplash or wall.

With Maruja Fuentes' Green Pocket Tiles, fresh herbs can grow year-round as they are insulated by kitchen or living room walls.

The green pocket was designed by Maruja Fuentes, a native of Puerto Rico who has bounced all over the map in the process of earning degrees in environmental design, architecture, and furniture and textile design. Now back on her home turf, Fuentes is a professor at the University of Puerto Rico and an independent designer of products primarily for home interiors.


The curving geometry of the ceramic tiles shows up in some of Fuentes's other work with a variety of scales and functions. Scaled up, a similar shape becomes what she calls a "leaning mold"—wall-mounted seating in which the protruding tiles are a place to rest your elbow or take a load off.

More from Maruja Fuentes at her website.


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