Green and Efficient: Boost Boxes

Green and Efficient: Boost Boxes

By Jordan Kushins
These days, it seems like everyone is busy saving the world. Using recycled, sustainably sourced materials is de rigeur for designers and manufacturers as consumers are becoming savvier about the importance of product pedigree. There’s a disconnect, however, between the standards we hold our purchases to and the ones to which we keep ourselves accountable (hands up if you’ve switched out every incandescent in your house for an LED). Common sense seems to be superseded by, at best, confusion over where to begin and what to buy and, at worst, apathy.

The Whole Bathroom Boost Box.

The Garden Water Boost Box.

Boost Home, a new company out of Berkeley, California, hopes to take the what-goes-where-and-why out of making your space more efficient and all-around Earth-friendly. Each of their nine Boost Boxes targets a different area of your home, offering easy-to-understand DIY installation guides along with a comprehensive selection of tools and tricks that you might never expect, like fresh toilet flappers for the bathroom, eco-dimmers for your mood lighting, and water wick meters for your garden.

You can track your progress not just in the resources spared but also the amount of money saved. The Whole Bathroom kit, for example, can keep an extra $500 and 25,000 gallons of water from going down the drain every year. An entire set can be installed in an afternoon, so there’s just no excuse not to take control of your consumption.

The Whole Home Energy Boost Box.


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