Grass Mirror

Grass Mirror

By Miyoko Ohtake
The architects at Paris-based studio H20 Architects know how to maximize space--and in their latest design, the Grass Mirror, it's no different.

This diagram of the Grass Mirror from H2O Architects shows how the modular units combine to create a planter-mirror wall as large as desired.

At Dwell, we first explored the firm's space-saving work for our April 2009 issue. Our then-senior editor Geoff Manaugh penned a piece about the architects' House for a Teenager, in which they tucked all the "elements necessary for an autonomous life, including sleeping, living, studying, and washing" into barely more than 129 square feet of floor space. To do so, the firm employed its strategy of building "inhabitable furniture": stairs that also function as benches, walls into which cabinets are built in for storage, and so on.

The new design, the Grass Mirror, combines an indoor wall-mounted planter and the mirrorlike qualities of polished stainless steel, of which it's made. Each planter measures 43 inches in length, four inches in width, and four inches in height and can be stacked on another planter to create a wall as large as desired. The Grass Mirror is being produced by French company Edition Compagnie and is scheduled to debut at Maison & Objet in Paris in January.


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