Glass House Conversations

Alice Rawthsorn, design doyenne for the International Herald Tribune, moderates this week's discussion. One that ends on Friday and will be summed up by the participant who makes the most sense. All it takes to join in the conversation is to register for an account--it's free and easy; I did it in under a minute--and join the fray.

The house that started it all: Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan. He and David Whitney used to invite great minds from the architecture, design, and art worlds to the house for evenings of discussion and debate. When the Glass House opened to the public in 2007, its programmers continued the invite-only tradition.

If you'd care to take a look back at some of the design star-studded chats of 2008 and 2009 they're aviable on the site in the Archive. I personally liked Pentagram graphic designer Michael Beirut's take on the notion of trophy. 

Trophy from Drew Harty on Vimeo.

The Glass House chats have been called the nation's "longest running salon," but that air of exclusivity is falling away. Log on to see what the rest of us have to say, and join some of the best minds of the day getting at the kernel of a series of provocative questions.

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