Garden Design Tips for 2017!

Garden Design Tips for 2017!

By Lewis Ogden / Published by Lewis Ogden

When it comes to gardening trends, it can become quite difficult to really predict them as it is definitely a category that might seem trend-proof to many; but creating a garden design that incorporates your personality and the trends of the time isn’t difficult. It’s just important to remember that gardens take time to fully complete, it’s certainly not as easy as throwing a cushion or two on a sofa. Here, GetPotted look at some emerging garden design trends for 2017 to help you determine what you can be doing to enhance your garden’s look and feel for you to enjoy. 

Your garden should be a space for you to escape to, somewhere that is easy to maintain and hasn’t been over complicated by too much going on. Whether you are embarking on a complete redesign of your garden, or you are just looking to update certain sections for a fresher feel in 2017, we have some great garden design tips that will keep you on trend all year around. 

Natural Materials

Using natural, environmentally friendly materials is one of the best things you can do for your garden. Not only does this ensure you are not impacting the environment, but also creates a friendly environment for wildlife to thrive. When it comes to garden design, integrating a patio or deck into the area will provide a great space for entertaining. Using materials for the decking that have been re purposed and recycled can give your garden a much more unique feel to it.  

People want something much more organic and less harmful to the environment in their gardens, recycling materials can create a much nicer atmosphere and will ensure that an authentic look is achieved throughout the garden with the use of wood and stone materials becoming much more popular.

Low Maintenance 

Creating a garden that is low maintenance is one of the most popular trends to take hold of, for a lot of people, their garden is a place to escape to and relax in. And whilst doing little bits of gardening here and there isn’t an arduous task, creating a low maintenance garden will give you a place you can enjoy from season to season without much need for change throughout the year.

Gardening accessories including self-watering planters that allow you to introduce an automatic watering system to keep your plants fresh for up to 12-weeks, and advances in technology when it comes to pruning and trimming grass have allowed a much easier approach to the maintenance of shrubbery and greenery in the garden environment.

Streamlined and Modern 

Clean lines, geometric shapes and colour blocking trends are becoming much more noticeable in gardens, bringing a streamlined and modern approach to the way we work with our gardens.

This trend has emerged through interior design to allow us to focus on creating sections in gardens that allow for blocks of colour for a much more streamlined and modern look and feel to the garden area, giving you the potential to add your personality to your outdoor space.  


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