Fujifilm Prepares to Reintroduce 3D to the Masses

The two-lens imaging system on this consumer-grade camera is capable of snapping stereoscopic 3D images thanks to dual-imaging sensors that combine the two captured images into a single 3D image file. Even cooler, it can actually display those images on a beefy 2.8-inch LCD or a special 3D photo frame, without you having to don those goofy 3D glasses.

According to Fuji, there are other plans to take advantage of the two-lens system in the works as well. The company wants to incorporate multiple zooms—for wide angle and telephoto views of the same scene—ultra-wide panoramic shooting using stitched together images, and the ability to record video and still images at the same time.

While the technology remains in prototype form only, the FinePix Real 3D sounds like it could finally transform 3D imaging into more than just a dated gimmick. Lord knows point-and-shoot cameras could use some new features.

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