From Vinyl to Streaming, An Audio Expert Takes Us Through More Than 100 Years of Sound Tech

Sound and vision coalesce to create the ultimate acoustic experiences.
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Until the arrival of the phonograph nearly 140 years ago, the only way to have music in the home was to perform it. Royals and the wealthy supported composers and performers to provide entertainment in their manor houses and castles; their residences often featured music rooms, where instrumentalists were presented front and center, like artwork on display. Other abodes placed the musicians in a separate room or loft, acoustically connected to grand halls to provide discreet accompaniment for banquets and events. Oddly enough, that dichotomy—show of the music, or hide it—still exists, even in our modern, electronic era. 

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Bill Leebens
Trained in engineering and journalism, Bill Leebens has worked in the felds of audio, automobile racing, and medical imaging.


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