Friday Finds, Signing Off

It's been a long strange trip, but this is the last installment of Friday Finds—our weekly column that's been going strong since 2009. Moving forward, find our editors' picks on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and, of course,
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Aaron: Real Men Swear

We love the work of illustrator Craighton Berman so much that we've had him draw the table of contents page for our In the Modern World section for a while now. But we'd be utterly remiss if we failed to laud one of his other pursuits, the very funny menswear Tumblr Real Men Swear. Get the pun? Real Menswear. Real Men Swear. That's right, dapper dudes with foul-mouthed captions. Just what your Friday needs.

Cortney: Pizza Brain

I always have pizza on the brain. Pizza Brain is the world's first pizza museum with an artisan pizzeria attached. It's also home to the world's largest collection of pizza-memorabilia, as certified by the Guinness World Records.

Diana: Stunt Fail

I know, I know, you're likely distraught that this is the last Friday Finds. Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow. To end on a lighter note watch this stunt gone awry. Thanks to Julia and Aaron for bringing this oh-so-funny video to my attention.

Holly: Work that Works

Peter Biľak, former editor of Dot Dot Dot magazine, founder of Typotheque design studio and the designer of the Greta type family (used throughout Dwell) is launching a new semi-annual design magazine called Work That Works. See more at

Sara: Lawrence O'Toole

Designer Lawrence O'Toole scoops up abandoned surfboards on Kauai's North Shore and gives them a second ride as furniture. Fashioning the board remnants into the lightweight, glossy occasional tables (shown above) is quite a process. The board is first stripped of its exterior layer of fiberglass so the inner foam core can be reshaped and flaws can be removed. The wood strip, known as a stringer, is maintained to reveal the table's first life as a surfboard. The core is reglassed with two layers of six ounce fiberglass, polished, and finally, affixed to a stainless steel base, which O'Toole says is inspired by early modernist style. Surf's up!

Illustration by Craighton Berman


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