Friday Finds 9.17.2010

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By Amanda Dameron
Happy Friday, all. We close the week with our favorite Interwebbian finds, featuring everything from big old trampolines to jaunty paper hats.
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Friday Finds 9.17.2010 - Photo 1 of 4 -

This week in San Francisco marks the opening of House of Air, a place I will no doubt be visiting on a regular basis.  Basically, its a room of trampolines, and lets be honest, what's better than that?  If you live near by you should go check it out, play a game of dodgeball in the Colosseum, and bounce of the walls in the Matrix (42 trampolines joined together!)

Miyoko: Library Reference Desk Made from Books

Friday Finds 9.17.2010 - Photo 2 of 4 -

Hi-tech meets lo-tech in this beautiful reference desk at Delft University of Technology's architecture library made from recycled books. The organization of color gives us an idea of what to do with the hardcovers on our color-coded bookshelves... (via Good)

Aaron: Paper Hats by Naoto Fukasawa

Friday Finds 9.17.2010 - Photo 3 of 4 -

I cannot get over how cool these paper hats by Naoto Fukasawa are. I don't precisely know how it would be to wear one of the Siwa collection, but I would love to find out. Crinkly paper fedora? Sign me up.

Amanda: Jim Henson on Making Muppets, circa 1969

This week I was charmed by this clip from a 1969 PBS special featuring a very young Jim Henson, explaining the art of puppet making. Intended for children, the clip shows Henson—and a helper guy with a very stoic expression and one heck of a moustache—making adorable puppets out of all kinds of every day household objects. I really miss this guy.

Friday Finds 9.17.2010 - Photo 4 of 4 -

Jordan: Yellow Owl Workshop

I am love-love-loving all things Yellow Owl Workshop this week. I bought their England postcard set a while back, and just received an advance copy of something awesome coming out in December—Print Workshop: Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects, artist extraordinaire Christine Schmidt's new how-to book of crafty goodness. Seriously, I have just been paging and paging through this paperback, plotting all the things I am going to make and do. Yesss.