Friday Finds 9.02.11
By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
Pantone just released their lineup of fall colors.

Pantone just released their lineup of fall colors.

Amy: An Elderly Superhero

I'm completely in love with these paintings by Andreas Englund. At first (very quick) glance I thought they were photos, but they are paintings. Even better! Very very photographic paintings (come on, those oranges in the bowl are totally real, you can't convince me otherwise). The subject matter is brilliant and quirky and I want one for my house. Check a few of them out here, or go straight to Andreas's website and see all of them.

Julia: Pantone's Fall Colors

As we bid farewell to summer, we need to welcome fall and everything it has to offer. According to Pantone, the world renowned authority on color, these are the official colors for fall 2011. I am especially digging the bamboo and emberglow! What is going to be your fall color?

Jordan: World's Shortest Train

From disorder...

From disorder... order! order!


via The Daily What

Aaron: James Bond's Cars Infographic

007 can reliably be counted on for sharp suits, plenty of ladies, and one hot ride after the next. Though this infographic lists is a bit toward the questionable 70s Bond and not the suave 60s Bond, it is a nice recapitulation of the spy's coolest cars. Who knew he drove a Galaxie 500 in Diamonds Are Forever? Stick to the Aston Martins, James.

Everett: Flashback Friday

For those who need a little perk to finish this week off strong, grab your headphones and dance to this oldie but goodie.

Kelly: Corgi Flop

Family vacations can make for some funny memories—especially if you manage to capture them on film. As you’re saying farewell to summer this weekend, hopefully soaking in some sun at the lake with the family and dog, have a video camera on hand. You may catch something as hilarious as the Corgi Flop, one of my all-time favorite animal videos. Watch it for a good giggle about a little dog taking his first swim, and have a great weekend.

Diana: The Art of Cleanup by Ursus Wehrli

There's something about turning chaos into order that is strangely…relieving. From alphabet soup to a parking lot of cars organized by color, these photos are great fun. Can't wait for the forthcoming book.

Alejandro: Super Computer Romantics

I love how Matt Pike embraces technology and a deep understanding of the importance (and prevalence) of UX today, to create an fabulous exhibit that takes the visitors to a place they have never been before. Take your time and watch all of the videos—they're fabulous.

Diana Budds


A New York-based writer, Diana studied art history and environmental policy at UC Davis. Before rising to Senior Editor at Dwell—where she helped craft product coverage, features, and more—Diana worked in the Architecture and Design departments at MoMA and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She counts finishing a 5K as one of her greatest accomplishments, gets excited about any travel involving trains, and her favorite magazine section is Rewind. Learn more about Diana at:

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