Friday Finds 8.20.2010

This week we've got gilded coffins, adorable talking shells, ruminations on the history of computer iconography, sustainable furniture finds, and more. Take a look.

Kathryn Roach: Gold Leaf Ecopod

Friday Finds 8.20.2010 - Photo 1 of 3 -

Made by a father-and-son team in Brighton, England, these coffins are both modern and chic. If I have to go, please send me to my maker wrapped in gold and feathers...Liberace would be so proud!

Miyoko: The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols

Ever wonder what all those symbols on all your gadgets are—and then wonder further where they came from? Wired's Gadget Lab dug up the origin stories of icons like the power symbol, command key, USB trident, and others in this fun roundup of geekery.

Jaime: Environment Furniture

Friday Finds 8.20.2010 - Photo 2 of 3 -

I am liking several couches and chairs made by Environment Furniture in Los Angeles. They're made with reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood, manufactured locally in an earth-friendly way, and upholstered in used Levis and vintage army tents dyed with organic inks. The one downer: they're rather spendy. This 'Pacifica Wing Chair' runs a cool $1,395.

Michele: Marcel the Shell

I must have watched this adorable, hilarious stop-motion short by Jenny Slate (of Saturday Night Live) and Dean Fleischer-Camp a dozen times this week. Marcel is a talky, nebbishy hermit-crab shell who in this video explains eloquently all the trials and tribulations of being very tiny. His biggest regret? Not having a dog. Which turns out okay, because as he explains: Lint is a shell's best friend.


Friday Finds 8.20.2010 - Photo 3 of 3 -

Jordan: Photographs of Wet Paint and Fabric by Klas Ernflo

I'll cop to not knowing my way around cream blusher, liquid foundation, or nail polish, but have always been fascinated by the pictures in beauty mags of the latest shades dripped, smudged, and splattered in the simplest—and simply beautifulest—ways. These photographs by Klas Ernflo are reminiscent of those make-up shots, plus the bonus of fabric circles added in for a touch of texture. I like 'em a lot.

via It's Nice That

Amanda: NASA's Rocket Booster Falls from Space

If you've ever wondered what it would look like to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere after falling through the cosmos, look no further than this beautiful and astounding video. It's seven minutes long, and the good stuff starts at the two-minute mark, so be patient—it is so totally worth it.


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