Friday Finds 8.14.09

Friday Finds 8.14.09

By Sarah Rich
This week at the Dwell office we've been working on our November issue, which will feature a collection of beautiful homes from the far reaches of the rural US and France. We also shipped off this fall's special issue, which will hit stands very soon (be on the lookout!). In spare moments of inspiration-hunting, the editors rounded up this week's picks from around the web. Today Aaron speculates on the future of bike transport, Sam dreams of a few days in Spain, Jordan unwraps a ball full of treasure, Miyoko tracks the progress of building the new Bay Bridge, and Sarah finds a cake she likes so much she wouldn't want to eat it.

I don't usually get excited about products, buildings or spaceports that are not presently, and very well may likely never go into production. But I must admit that I was rather taken with this bicycle. Immediately it looks like the future, a Heinleinian take on the Dutch commuter bike and one that will likely make gearheads and eco-geeks alike agree on how precisely to get to work. All involved grant that production is still decades away, but in terms of what commuting could be--environmentally and aesthetically--this one looks like a winner. Solar power for when you flag, music to keep you moving, an unbreakable lock and self-inflating tires are just a few of the perks on this baby. And that former Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman is behind the thing only sweetens the deal.

Sam: Plaza España Tenerife by Herzog & De Meuron

This week I am really enjoying these images by photographer Iwan Baan of this new public space by Herzog & De Meuron. Maybe I'm in need of a little summer vacation, but this is looking like a very appealing place to hang out for a spell.

Jordan: Surprise Ball

What could possibly be cooler than unraveling a tightly wound ball with a wealth of little treasures inside? Not much, I reckon. Surprise Ball comes embedded with 15 little trinkets, and is sold exclusively through Kiosk and a single shop in the southwest.  Such a fun idea. (via Sandra Juto

Miyoko: Bay Bridge Construction

Construction on the San Francisco Bay Bridge keeps forging ahead, and the crews are about to hit another milestone: the completion of the eastern tie-in for the Yerba Buena Island detour, which means cutting out a section of the bridge, moving it out of the way, and sliding in a new piece. Pretty cool stuff. The temporary structure will reroute traffic for the next three to four years while the new spans are completed. Because the bridge will be closed for four days over Labor Day weekend, Caltrans has launched a media campaign about the construction process. Check out the Bay Bridge website for some great videos showing how this is going to happen and what driving on the completed bridge (in 2013) will be like.

Sarah: Threadless Cake: She Doesn't Even Realize

One of the first and best examples of a crowdsourced design business is Threadless Cake Contest, which called for entries of decorated cakes based on existing Threadless T-shirt designs. The contest ended last week and the display of baking talent was pretty mind-blowing (check out the gallery). My favorite was this ridiculously cute and perfectly conceived robot. Sadly it didn't win, but it's a winner in my book. You can watch a video of the baker in action on the entry page.


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