Friday Finds 7.29.11

Friday Finds 7.29.11

By Diana Budds
Wonder what all the Dwellerz have we been checking out on the interwebz this week? Scroll down to through Friday Findz to uncover what we saw.

Byliner publishes "Originals," written works longer than articles but shorter than books. Included in the mix is a series of "poems" cobbled together from Sarah Palin's often nonsensical email that was made public in recent months.

Miyoko: Moveable Type: Letterpress on Wheels

We love food trucks and we love letterpress so it's no surprise we love a mashup of the two. Moveable Type is Portland, Oregon-based letterpress printer Kyle Durrie's project in which she's combining two of her favorite things: road trips and type. Funded through Kickstarter donations, Durrie renovated a Chevy van into a letterpress workshop and is traveling the United States for nine months (possibly more). She's in San Diego today (at Make Good) and then is off to Utah. Check out her schedule and if she's near your area, request a visit!

Diana: Byliner
A new site launched this past March called Byliner. It aggregates long-form articles from virtually every magazine out there and categorizes them based on subject, writer, and even if the story won a Pulitzer. Byliner is described as a "Pandora" of journalism that helps you discover new articles and writers, which I think is great. And terribly addicting.

Aaron: A History of the Title Sequence by Jurjen Versteeg

Paper art by Annie Vought.

An illustration of 25 New Yorkers by Maria (Walnut) Nogueira.

Steve Murray's "Forty Fords."

Catch vintage cars found on the streets of San Francisco on StreetParkedSF.

A tip of the hat to our pal Bobby Solomon at The Fox is Black for finding this enchanting trailer to a fictional documentary on movie title design by Jurjen Versteeg. The director pays clever homage to the work of Saul Bass, Georges Melies, Pablo Ferro, Kyle Cooper, and others all from the vantage of a moodily-lit drafting table. If you're at all a nut for title sequences you'll ache when it finally sets in that the film this trailer purports to advertise is just a figment of Versteeg's imagination. At least we have the trailer.

Jaime: Annie Vought Paper Art

A friend-of-a-coworker-of-a-fiance is Annie Vought, who makes these crazy and more than a little OCD works of art: letters recreated from intricately cut-out paper, which hang together by the thinnest connections and turn throwaway notes into something enduring and beautiful. Check out her portfolio online, including "The next ten things Im gonna do is get drunk" and "Ps no more Calls For You from Sexy Girls."

Everett: Maria (Walnut) Nogueira

Resulting from what she describes as "chronic dissatisfaction," Maria Walnut has launched a new illustration portfolio. I'd suggest spending some time on her new site and see if you too can find the one lost nose.

Jordan: Forty Fords

Because one Ford is never enough, illustrator Steve Murray has drawn an in-character Harrison face for each of his forty films (the latest being the insane-sounding Cowboys and Aliens). Can you name 'em all? via @kottke.

Amy: StreetParkedSF

You know when you see something and think, why didn't I come up with that? Well, I love old cars (LOVE THEM!) so when I saw this tumblr (thanks Colin) all I could think was, why didn't I come up with that?! I'm glad that someone else did, so I can look through it whenever I want. Go check out this tumblr old cars found on the streets of SF, along with a bit of historical info and sometimes even an old brochure or ad.


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