Friday Finds 7.24.09

Friday Finds 7.24.09

By Sarah Rich
While our editor-in-chief Sam Grawe and design director Kyle Blue lunch at the White House today with the honorees of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards (woohoo!), the rest of the crew has compiled this installment of the Week in Review with forays into drawing, footwear, and high-tech records.

Too. Cool. No need for a standard record player with Linos, a little device that will allow you to play your favorite 45s from a spot cleared off on the coffee table. Charlie Pyott designed this prototype to plug directly into your computer or a USB outlet adapter, and in a few super simple steps you're good to go. Perhaps not the top pick for the ultimate in super sound quality, but for a quick vinyl fix in a pinch, this thing is pretty awesome. (via broccolicity)

We see a whole lot of good (and odd) suggestions for secondary uses for used-up objects. This one isn't quite a re-use story, but it's both clever and cute: German design company qed created these colorful egg cups that look just like an iPod—a style that couldn't possibly have been conjured in the days when classic egg cups were more popular. The product's name adds yet another layer to the dual reference: "ei" means "egg" and "pott" means "pot." When you put them together, it's hard to hear the difference between eiPOTT and iPod. (via Core77)


Our September issue hit newsstands this week, and to give readers a sneak peak behind the scenes of Dwell, I spoke with House Industries illustrator Chris Gardner, who created the image of the Dwell dream-apartment in "Apartment Fancy." (Check back soon for the interview and process shots of Gardner's work.) Gardner introduced me to a great website:, which he calls "a playground for illustrators." The blog features great work, illustrators, inspirations (often in the form of videos), and industry news and tips. A great addition to my blog roll.

Aaron: Jaime Hayon's New Shoes

I've long griped about industrial designers who see no end to the limits of their creative capacity and course ever further from the path of good taste in search of grander projects. Fashion is often the first weigh-station on the road to perfidy, and we need look no further than the Campana Brothers' recent foray into polo shirts for Lacoste to see the deflating effects. Sadly, Camper shoes is a major player in these deluded sallies into interdisciplinary design, with Konstantin Grcic, Alfredo Haberli, the Bouroullec Brothers and battery of other design stars coming out with a mucky trickle of lackluster kicks. The bright spot, then, is Jaime Hayon. His last effort for Camper, 2008's Hayon, was a jazz-shoe-inspired romp through an array of zippy colors anchored by a classic form. For his next trick, he's come out with a similar shoe, only this time it's a canvas Oxford with a jute sole. A nod to the company's breezy Mallorcan roots, this shoe is everything a design collaboration should be: namely a wearable, contemporary update of a classic form that owes an equal debt to both. Hang tight though, Campers, this one isn't out until next year.

Bonus from the team: Best Wedding Entrance Ever

At the office, we all appreciate a good YouTube video, and this one was a smash hit this week. Maybe the wedding magazines of 2010 will all suggest changing up the traditional procession down the aisle for some choreographed dance moves.

via Mollytics


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