Friday Finds 7.2.2010

Friday Finds 7.2.2010

By Amanda Dameron
This week our internet proclivities include bookshelf porn, Star Wars dandies, museum blogs and rebooted illustrations for film posters past. Oh, and sweet bathroom fixtures designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. We like those too.

Aaron: HE WEARS IT by John Woo

There is a fairly large amount of Star Wars love that goes around the Dwell edit staff, so let me throw my Imperial speeder bike in the ring and nominate this series of paintings by John Woo. Better yet, he renders our favorite Sith lord, the bounty-hunting Fetts, and faceless Stormtroopers in the rather haute fashion of the day. If you can honestly get past the blissful absurdity of a Stormtrooper in Thom Browne or Jango Fett in Comme des Garcons without a smile then I fear I simply don't want to know you.

Kathryn: Bookshelf Porn

Wondering what to do with all of your beautiful prints? If, like us, you have scads of gorgeous magazines and books but limited space to stow them, perhaps you too will find inspiration from this amazing gallery that highlights book-related imagery from around the Web.

Miyoko: Talk to Me

We go to museums to see great works but rarely do we get to see the exhibits as works in progress--which is why I love the MoMA's Talk to Me blog. The exhibit, which opens July 24, 2011, is a look into the relationship and communication between people and objects and the site is an experimental forum that creates a relationship with museum goers to communicate how an exhibition is put together. There are regular updates from staffers but best of all, there's a page called "Queue" that features a list of fascinating designers, artists, and other people and companies that the team is investigating and considering for inclusion in Talk to Me and a page called "Checked" meaning that they've made the shortlist. It'll be fascinating to watch the process and see what Paola Antonelli and her team decide will make it into the final displays.


Jordan: Bouroullec for Axor

The new bathroom collection for Axor by the brothers Bouroullec, Ronan and Erwan, is truly stunning. From faucets to mirrors to basins, the series features over 80 different items that would make teeth brushing and hand washing a daily luxury. The products won't be available in the states for a bit but we'll keep you posted. via NotCot, La Revue Du Design



Amanda: Reimagined Film Posters

I was trawling around Andrew Lindstrom's roundup of reimagined film posters, and I found that my favorites of the bunch are grouped together in this delightful "I Can Read Movies" series on Flickr. I don't know if it's because I am a child of the 1980s, but seeing Ghostbusters, The Highlander, Teen Wolf, and Big made me particularly happy.


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