Friday Finds 7.01.11

Friday Finds 7.01.11

We're back from our Friday Finds hiatus with seven great things for you to check out. Have a listen to some synth-heavy beats by German oceanographer Jürgen Müller, a look at a Dwell-favorite desert that's become the most unlikely of artistic canvases, and enjoy the Fourth of July weekend (or Canada Day as Miyoko points out).
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ROA's wall in the Mission.

Happy Canada Day!

Packing Tape Installation by For Use/Numen.

Glasses by Warby Parker.

An Oreo cameo by Judith Klausner.

TP rolls cum owls and cats as seen on El Hada de Papel.

Sam: Jürgen Müller's Science of the Sea

A lost synthesizer new age record made by a German oceanographer on a boat in the North Sea? Sounds too good to be true.

Aaron: ROA in San Francisco

I'm no great street art connoisseur, but I've noticed a handful of large beasties populating various surfaces around San Francisco lately, particularly in the Mission. They're murals by the Belgian artist ROA, and they're quite cool. Here are a few of his works from a recent trip to San Francisco.

Miyoko: Canada Day

Today is Canada Day so Happy Canada Day from your resident Canadian editor. And of course, have a wonderful July 4th, too!

Jaime: Packing Tape Installation

As reported online by Architectural Record, the Austrian-Croatian design firm For Use/Numen, along with many friends and volunteers, created this sculptural cocoon in a decommissioned airport in Berlin out of hundreds of rolls of transparent packing tape, wound around scaffolding and existing columns. The many accumulated layers support the weight of visitors, as shown in this photo. "We just run around in a big chaos," says For Use/Numen’s Christoph Katzler. "The shape leads you." Click on the link above for a video of the installation under construction.

Everett: Glasses by Warby Parker

Having been a huge fan of Warby Parker, they've impressed me yet again with a new line of sunglasses for the summer. BUT taking it up a notch, they're offering Rx sunglasses starting in August. Needless to say, you should order a pair of the "Everett" frames, not only for their snazzy shape, but *cough couch* well named product.

Amy: Oreos by Judith G. Klausner

I love me some sweets (see prior gift guide about sweet treats), but artist Judith G. Klausner elevates cookies to a whole new level. That tasty thing you used to twist apart and dunk in milk? It's art now. These are amazing, and brilliant, and the best thing that could have happened to an Oreo aside from it going into my belly.

Diana: TP Owls and Cats

We're in the midst of our Methodology design contest and I most definitely have upcycling on the brain. Amy must've been reading my mind when she sent me this find: an easy craft project that turns waste paper rolls into pointy eared cats and owls. What a hoot (pun intended).


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