Friday Finds 6.3.11

Friday Finds 6.3.11

On this Friday, a selection of treasures mined from the deepest depths of the web: the inspiration for iPods, a reggae classic, architecture so good you could eat it, and an epic tennis match (that's happening right now!).
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An illustration from They Draw & Cook: Recipes from Artists Around the World.

Gary Bryan assembles and photographs architecture made from comestibles.

Federer vs. Djokavic: a not-to-be-missed tennis match.

Jaime: Old-Time Technology

This collection of objects, culled by Microsoft Research scientist Bill Buxton and featured in a blog post by Atlantic editor Alexis Madrigal, spotlights the "forbears of today's hottest gadgets." Before the iPod came this Dieter Rams-designed German transistor radio, which looks uncannily similar. No coincidence there: It was the inspiration behind the first four generations of iPods. Click through the slideshow to see more early-era technologies, from the iconic Casio calculator watch to the touchscreen-powered Data Rover by a company called General Magic.

Miyoko: They Draw & Cook: Recipes from Artists Around the World

A few months ago I chose as my Friday Find. In a similar cooking-illustrating vein, this week I stumbled upon They Draw & Cook (thanks to a tweet from former Dwell senior editor Sarah Rich), an online recipe site that features all illustrated directions and ingredient lists. There are tons of images and usable recipes, so take a look.

Diana: Food as Architecture by Gary Bryan

This week, I've been working on a few Houses We Love blurbs for our September Japan-themed issue and design based on a modules (ie. the dimensions of a Tatami mat) is fresh on my mind. Seems fitting that I came across the work of Gary Bryan, who assembles comestibles into miniature modular works of architecture. Love the sugar cube iteration above.

Aaron: Federer vs. Djokavic

This Friday Find is pretty time-sensitive, but if you're reading this right after it's posted, watch the Novak Djokavic vs. Roger Federer French Open semifinal streaming live right now. Djokavic is in the midst of an historic 41-match winning streak. Fed is fighting to reclaim his glory. Epic sports, people. At time of writing Fed is up 4-1 in the second set after having taken the first. But don't expect the Djoker to go down easily.

Jordan: Stand by Me

The inspiration for iPods, a radio designed by Dieter Rams.


"Stand by Me" performed by musicians around the world from SKAT on Vimeo.

Happy Friday, folks. Here's a lovely vid of musicians from around the globe giving their interpretation of the Ben E. King classic, Stand by Me. It's not new, but it's nice, and not a half-bad way to spend five-and-a-half minutes. It was set up by Playing for Change, an organization which built a mobile recording studio and took it all over the world, getting performers on tape and syncing everything into a super harmonious mix of sounds and cultures. h/t to Amsterdam's What Design Can Do conference.


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