Friday Finds 5.22.09

Friday Finds 5.22.09

By Amanda Dameron
Even though Dwell's crew has been jaunting all over the country as of late, rest assured they are still down to stock the larder of good old Friday Finds. Check out the links below to see where everyone has been clicking this week.

This week via my Twitter feed, I stumbled across this two-part guide to freeway interchanges on Infrastructurist, a great blog about building and moving in America. The posts identify and critique 23 designs engineers have crafted for us to get on and off highways, from the classic cloverleaf to the spaghetti bowl to the butt. Yes, the butt. I will happily take a ride on a turbine or braid but would probably avoid the spooey--especially if on foot or a bike.

Jordan: Sorry I'm Late

I had no idea how much I enjoyed watching stop-motion shorts until we started doing these weekly round-ups, but every week it seems another one has made its way through my reader, onto my radar, and into the Friday Finds. This is a magical little piece by Tomas Mankovsky, following the epic journey of a man who missed the bus. As the credits roll there's a bit of a peek behind the scenes, and the site has some very cool "Making Of" clips. Lots of fun to watch.

via It's Nice That

Sam: Skitsch

Skitsch was one of the (few) new brands to debut at Milan this year—to mixed acclaim—and it looks like they now also have a website up and running. Their mix of production and retail is something of a mixed bag. For instance you'll find this and then you'll find this. While the Euro is down from a few years back, you'd still think that Konstantin Grcic's clever bamboo chair 43 could be had for less than 4,500 Euros.

Ashley: Domsai by Matteo Cibic

Domsai, by designer Matteo Cibic for Monotono, is a tamagotchi for your desk! Produced with craftmanship in Nove, in the neighborhood of Bassano del Grappa (VI), Domsai looks like a mix between a terrarium and a designer vinyl toy figure. Available in white and gold, these charming ceramic characters add a touch of both nature and humor to your cubicle. Each figure is distinguished by a different lightbulb-like dome and cactus.

via Sub-Studio Design Blog

Sarah: Gljúfrasteinn

Through meanderings too numerous to count, I came across these images from the interior of Gljúfrasteinn in Iceland, once the home of Halldór Kiljan Laxness, the 1955 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Icelandic government turned the Laxness house into a museum after his death in 1998—enshrining the writer's mostly midcentury interiors and walls and walls of books for future generations to see.

Greg: The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection from Lego

Get your build on with Lego's new Architecture series, starting with the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. The collection currently includes the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Fallingwater. Each set contains building instructions (Yay!), along with exclusive historical material and photographs of each iconic building. Both sets are available at the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition that's running through August at the Guggenheim in New York.

via The Coolist


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