Friday Finds 4.3.09

Friday Finds 4.3.09

By Sarah Rich
This week with spring settling in, the Dwell editors took inspiration from flowers made of leather and wood, and architectural landmarks made of fruity gelatininous desserts, among other things.

Sam: Postopolis! Los Angeles at Storefront for Art and Architecture
The bloggers behind Postopolis LA, including our former senior editor Geoff Manaugh, have rounded up a smash group of architectural and media speakers for their this unique event, and the best part is that its free to come by the Standard and check it out, or you can stream it online. I'll be speaking with Zach Frechette from Good Magazine on Saturday night at 8:40 if you're in Los Angeles, and I am supposed to adopt my other guise as Hatchback and play records at the after party.

Sarah: Make Sense, Not Stuff at Doors of Perception
If you ever need your design thoughts provoked, Doors of Perception is the place. John Thackara (author of In the Bubble) posts endlessly engaging commentary about the future of society and the planet via design. This week he shared a recently-published piece called "Make Sense, Not Stuff: A 3-Step Plan to Connect Design Schools with the Green Economy." Designers: Don't fear, this is not a theat to your livelihoods. As he puts it: ""Far less stuff" does not mean less design. On the contrary: a huge amount of creativity is needed to reorganise daily life in ways that eliminate landfill and ecocidal footprints. But the stuff we will still make...must be designed according to tough new principles: low-carbon, resource-efficient, and zero waste."

Aaron: Where Gadgets Go To Die at Wired
Recycling always feels virtuous, even when the truth is you're still discarding something you may have used for only a few moments, or never even needed in the first place. Plastic bottles and paper bags have such short lifespans that their production often feels like a total waste, but what about things like computers, cameras, energy meters, necessities of modern life, but made of more sophisticated stuff than paper and cardboard? This story and wonderful batch of photos from show the process of recycling consumer electronics at the Sims Recycling Solutions plant in Roseville, CA. Splendid that so much material can still be mined from broken down computer towers and outmoded gaming consoles, but good god look at all that stuff!

Jordan: Artificial Flowers by Hella Jongerius at Dezeen
Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming again, but I'm actually quite taken with these bouquets of Artificial Flowers from Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. Made from glass, leather, wood, and paper, they're a little bit handicraft, a little bit high design, and a whole lot of beautiful. Dezeen has a great sneak peek at the faux blooms, along with four limited edition vase designs, which will all be shown at the Galerie Kreo in Paris this month.

Miyoko: Jelly Landmarks at Trendhunter
Trendhunter features a very eclectic mix of ideas and happenings but by filtering down to Modern Art and Design Trends, you can land on some very nice finds. I love the different ways in which architects and designers model their ideas, so naturally Trendhunter's post about the Jelly Mongers (British artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr) and their the jelly recreations of famous buildings caught my eye—from San Francisco's Ferry Building tower to the new terminal at Madrid Barajas International Airport in Spain to the dome of London's St. Paul Cathedral.

E-Waste Photo: Jim Merithew/


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