Friday Finds 3.27.09

Friday Finds 3.27.09

This week the Dwell editors spotted gems from many corners of the blogosphere, from films about monsters to architecture for chickens.
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Sam: Architecture for Chickens from Karrie Jacobs
Karrie Jacobs, Dwell's founding editor, always wows me with her perceptiveness, and general ability to distill complex design issues into succinct, digestible prose. Having razor-sharp wit doesn't hurt either. That's why I'm thankful she keeps a blog going over on her site. This week's post about architecture for chickens makes me think that we should all have a little higher standards for our buildings.

Sarah: Choose your Own Knitting Granny at Springwise
One of my long-standing favorite sites is Springwise, a constant source of amazing entrepreneurial ideas. I could pick almost any post from this site to highlight, since the majority are fantastic, but I selected this post about Golden Hook because I thought it was an amusing way to use the social web for crafty projects. It's a French site where you can customize a hat design, then choose a real live granny to whip it up for you. My post on OfficePOD from earlier in the week also came from Springwise.

Aaron: Tenenbaum Fail
My favorite blog of the week is by far Tenenbaum Fail. As a longtime detractor of Wes Anderson's insular, overly-precious and ultimately solipsistic films, I was only too happy to come across this poke in the eye of Anderson's creations and all who love them. At once a sweeping derogation and a kind of inverse fan page, Tenenbaum Fail is a send-up and a backhanded love letter to a director who should really try out another screenwriter once in a while. Like Michael Bay, maybe.

Jordan: Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are at Booooooom
The first trailer for Where the Wild Things Are came out on Wednesday, and boy do I get goosebumps every time I watch it. Adaptations from beloved book to big screen can be a tricky endeavor, but this film seems to have really captured the magic of Maurice Sendak's classic childrens' tale. Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze seem like a perfect team to bring real heart to this movie, and I'm listening to Arcade Fire today because I'll be darned if that little clip didn't make me "feel."

Miyoko: Pop-Up Business Cards at Swissmiss
I recently added Swissmiss to my blog reader for Tara Roth Eisenberg's multiple daily musings about design, products, New York City events, and very cool cakes (like the rainbow cake, which Dwell's managing editor recently whipped up for an office birthday). I love creatively designed business cards, so I enjoyed Reactor design studio's pop-up business cards, which, when lined up, look a lot like the pieces of the classic board game "Guess Who."

Lead image: Pop-Up business cards from Reactor, Top image: Bob Kennedy's chicken bungalow, as seen at


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