Friday Finds 3.04.11

In this week's Friday Finds, disaster preparedness kits, a food tour of Italy, an interview with Winy Maas of MVRDV, and a tribute to Charlie Sheen.
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Just stumbled onto these 'shock ad' billboards the Red Cross set up in front of the Ferry Building in 2007—on one side it depicts a ravaged ferry building after an imaginary earthquake; on the other, it shows the same scenario for Market Street. Quite disturbing, but effective. If that's not enough to inspire finally getting your earthquake kit together, I don't know what is. (Besides an actual earthquake...).

Sam: Trail of Crumbs Guest Postings

One of the guest blog posts by Dwell's Editor-in-Chief on Trail of Crumbs.

I'm pretty nerdy about documenting food during my travels and my friend Danielle Rubi was kind enough to turn a couple rambling emails about Italy into a fun blog post or two. It's always a pleasure to remember the great things you tasted along the way.

Meigan: Interview with Winy Maas of MVRDV on Balancing Barn

Winy Maas tells the design story of the Balancing Barn with childlike exploratory enthusiasm. Easy to see how he created one of the worlds coolest swing experiences under this cantilevered barn...

Aaron: Which Team Should You Root For Flowchart

Find your "ideal" sports team in the Which Team Should You Root For Flowchart.

Yes, of course I'm happy that Spring Training is on, but man it's just not baseball until the regular season starts. And yes, of course I love teasing our IT guy Greg about Adam Wainwright's season-ending surgery, but it just doesn't feel like real life until that first official "Play Ball!" And so we while away the hours trolling the web for all manner of baseball fodder. Like this funny flowchart. See which team you should root for, whatever that means. Somehow I got the Padres, which is truly troubling, though I'm saying it now: My Nationals will finish ahead of those feckless Friars this year!

Miyoko: New Work from Céline Clanet: From Torrent to Current: Dam and Man in Savoy

Celine Clanet's "Fishermen."

French photographer and Dwell contributor Céline Clanet is gifted with the ability to not only capture beautiful landscapes but also intimate portraits. In her new work featuring the sites and civilians of Savoy in the French Alps, Clanet explores both. Scroll through her stunning images on her site and take a look through images form another recent project, Máze: Life above the Artic Circle, on

Alexis: The Royal Family

The Bold Italic's Royal Family.

San Francisco based editorial website, The Bold Italic recently ran a story about 12 of San Francisco's most beloved, eccentric characters, along with the story they also designed a great poster depicting each character. My favorite is Pink Man, who I remember fondly from growing up in the bay area, he was the pink unitard wearing unicyclist that was always delighted to roam the streets shouting, laughing and waving his arms.

Diana: Live the Sheen Dream

One of the witticisms found on

Maybe this counts as enabling, but the site is too funny not to click through. Just Charlie Sheen's head and some quotes that he may or may not have actually said. Here's to celebrities and their raucous, bawdy behavior that keeps the tabloid industry running.


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