Friday Finds 12.10.2010

We end the week the best we way we know how—with a plethora of awesomeness, plucked from the Internet.

Perhaps this is old news, but still amazing, even late to the game: A slew of Twitter users, using the hashtag #KanyeNewYorkerTweets, have taken it upon themselves to pair Kanye West's actual tweets ("Why girls from Stockholm be so fresh???") with actual New Yorker cartoons, to hilarious effect. Scroll on through.

Amanda: The Egg House

Photograph courtesy the Beijing Times.

I got a big kick out of reading about 24-year-old Dai Haifei, a recent graduate in Beijing who decided to build his own little egg-shaped domicile on the street outside his office. Haifei, who trained as an architect, was inpsired by a similar project that he saw at the 2010 Shanghai Biennale and decided to make a go of it when he realized that he couldn't afford his city's climbing rental prices. The structure, which is clad in burlap sacks filled with grass seeds and wood chips, has an interior skeleton of bamboo splints and contains only a bed, a lamp, and a water heater. No word on whether Haifei is breaking any laws by squatting on the city sidewalk, but the egg is mounted on wheels—so if he's hassled by the Beijing powers that be, he can just roll his egg on down the street. via Rob Love (aka @bizalich)

Miyoko: Haters Gonna Hate

Most of the time I'm able to find the silver lining, the constructive criticism, in a negative comment. But sometimes, haters just gonna hate. What a happy find, then, to stumble upon a post at Urlesque from earlier this year with the blog's favorite HGH images that circled the web. While Jordan and I loved the creative alternatives Taters Gonna Tate and Waiters Gonna Wait, our favorite was this image of this happy dude in his sleeping bag with legs.

Michele: Alexis Tjian in Apartment Therapy

Check out our photo editor Alexis Tjian's house this week on Apartment Therapy! The tour of her lovely East Bay abode is full of creative touches and pretty flourishes. Plus: CUTE DOGS Zito and Vergil.

Jordan: Reversed Volumes by Mischler Traxler

Keep your keys in the cauliflower or your loose change in the cabbage! These ceramic bowls fruit are cast from actual fruits and vegetables and they're rad. Available from the fine folks at DesignMarketo. via Man Make Home

Sam: Syd Mead on 2019


Ever since I discovered a cache of books he designed for US Steel, I've been a huge fan of illustrator and futurist Syd Mead. Only later did I find out that he was responsible for the visual concepts behind three of my favorite films, Alien, TRON, and Bladerunner. I had the good fortune to meet Syd and his partner Roger in their Pasadena home some years back while working on a piece for Dwell, but that was long before the days of blogs and vimeo. This is a classy little film in which Syd offers some hope for the future.


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