Friday Finds 10.12.12

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By Diana Budds
Archival photos, colorful toys, and more in this installment of Friday Finds.
Friday Finds 10.12.12 - Photo 1 of 4 - Micro Cubebot is available from Areaware for $7.90.

Micro Cubebot is available from Areaware for $7.90.

Friday Finds 10.12.12 - Photo 2 of 4 - Portrait by Bryan Lewis Saunders.

Portrait by Bryan Lewis Saunders.

Friday Finds 10.12.12 - Photo 3 of 4 - Assemblyroom's Hyde stool.

Assemblyroom's Hyde stool.

Kelsey: Maynard L. Parker Modern Photography Archive

A friend who's working on the Miller House digital archive (amazing stuff in its own right!) turned me onto the Parker Collection, owned by The Huntington Library in Southern California. You can search the entire database for mid-century homes in the Southwest and California, but current favorites are two sets of archival photos featuring Alexander Girard's own residences. The legendary graphic designer and architect was working in Herman Miller's textile department in the early 1950s, then moved to New Mexico where his love of folk art reigned supreme. Worth a gander!

Diana: Micro Cubebot Color Explosion

David Weeks' Cubebot is one of our favorite toys, hands down. How to improve on near perfection? Release it in seven new colors and a kaleidoscopic version. Find 'em at Areaware.

Olivia: Bryan Lewis Saunder

Exploring his self-perception, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took nearly every mind-altering drug and drew self-portraits during each experience. The project, called DRUGS, offers a fascinating glimpse into the brain on both illegal and—perhaps more disturbingly—legal drugs.

Tammy: Candy Drop Props

Brightly colored, playful, and durable, Assemblyroom's Hyde Stool sweetens the daily grind of collaborating around the office. Made from Camira fabric and PU-CMHR foam, the fully upholstered stool creates an all-in-one lightweight, comfortable, and stackable seat that is easy to move around and store.

Friday Finds 10.12.12 - Photo 4 of 4 - Photo via the Parker Collection at the Huntington Library.

Photo via the Parker Collection at the Huntington Library.

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