Friday Finds 10.05.12

By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
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In this edition of Friday Finds, Soviet bus stops, the ultimate Mad Men drinking game, and a humorous guide on how to act at a house party.
Visit for this funny but real guide on how to act at a house party.

Visit for this funny but real guide on how to act at a house party.

Diana: Soviet Bus Stops by Christopher Herwig

We've covered contemporary bus shelters before (namely on Kansas City and San Francisco), but here's a look at some retro bus stops in the former Soviet Union shot by Christopher Herwig. Some are wildly decorative, some are simple boxes, and some are more indicative of the local architecture. See the full gallery on Herwig's website.

Jaime: How to Act at a House Party

"Going to a high school house party (or any house party) and have no idea how to act?" asks this WikiHow article, before breaking it down into eight easy steps. Seemingly written by a high schooler, it's a pretty hilarious but spot-on guide on everything from drinking—"don’t get drunk too early. You don’t want to be passed out cold on the floor while everyone’s dancing and having a good time"—to dancing: "arms in the air, slight hip wiggle or palm pushes... Don’t overdo it. Letting the music 'take you' is out of the question!" Think of it as a useful refresher if you've got big plans this weekend...

Anna: Every Single Drink in Mad Men

You know the Mad Men game where you take a shot every time a character drinks in the episode? Well, here's your chance at creating the worst hangover in the history of hangovers. This is a montage of every single old fashioned, Manhattan, sidecar or straight-up bourbon ever consumed on the show. Yes, even Roger's beloved vodka with a splash of milk is represented.

Diana Budds


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