Friday Finds 1.29.2010

Friday Finds 1.29.2010

The end of the week is nigh and you know what that means—we happily share the linky bounty of the Internet, from rediscovered books on hippie homes to healthy doses of graphic design lust. Happy weekend.

Aaron: Morphic Resonance Poster by Nous Vous

I came across a pretty cool poster this week for the Morphic Resonance show at Project Space Leeds in Leeds, England. Not only did I dig the graphic by Nous Vous, but I particularly like how they deconstructed the thing, giving view to how it all came together here. Graphic design demystified. Via TRMW

Miyoko: Pictory—Coming Home

Sarah chose Pictory as her Friday Find when the online magazine first launched, and this week I'm pointing you back there (if you haven't been hooked on your own yet) to view their Coming Home showcase. The feature presents 25 stories (captions, photographs, written stories, and tweets, including one from Sarah) about "The house I grew up in" and what childhood was like. The magazine's Local Delicacy theme just closed (my submission, as a true Buffalonian: "Dear @Pictory, Real wings are never called 'Buffalo wings' nor 'chicken wings' (just 'wings') & are always served with celery & blue cheese.") but the call for entries for images, stories, and tweets is still open for: The One Who Got Away, Neighborhood Treasure (in collaboration with Good Magazine), Spring Break Stories, Portrait of a Place: London, and Learning from Our Elders.

Promotion for 'Morphic Resonance' show at PSL (Project Space Leeds) in collaboration with theartmarket & Kunstfreund Gallery.



Amanda: The Craftsman Builder

Published in 1977 and written by Art Boericke & Barry Shapiro, The Craftsman Builder is a pictorial ode to construction and craft. I've been revisiting it, thanks to Old Chum, who took the time to scan some of the images and share them on Flickr. I'm loving the gnarled natural texture of the hippie abode, not to mention this group shot of toe-headed ragamuffins assembled outside the house (I especially love the jaunty stance of the one on the left). Classic. via Reference Library

Jordan: Book By Its Cover

Studio Gangster, by Steve Powers.

Book By Its Cover is a great blog that takes a peek inside the pages of the tomes collected (and well-loved) by artist Julia Rothman. It's also got a sketchbook series and interviews, and I love the titles she chooses. Clicking and scrolling through the site really, really makes me want to max out my credit card to fill out my own shelves at home.


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