Friday Finds 09.21.12

Friday Finds 09.21.12

By Diana Budds
Posters celebrating bicycles, a Twitter persona straight from the middle ages, a stand-up performance that has us in stitches, and more in this installment of Friday Finds from the editors of Dwell.

Blankets from Bolivia, as seen on

Find hilarious tweets written in the style of Chaucer at @LeVostreGC.

Diana: Public Works Posters

Public Bikes recently commissioned a group of 27 designers, illustrators, and cartoonists—including Geoff McFetridge, Milton Glaser, and Maira Kalman—to reinterpret the bicycle for their Public Works poster exhibition. The show takes place in New York and San Francisco in October and detailed information is available here. Mark your calendars!

Jaime: El Cosmico Provision Company

Set in the artsy community of Marfa, Texas, El Cosmico is a most unusual hotel, consisting of seven creatively restored vintage trailers arrayed around a desert site. Hotelier Liz Lambert just launched an online shop (and in-person shop in Marfa) stocked with products inspired by and/or made in Marfa, including salvaged wood necklaces by Fort Standard and juice glasses made from bottles of Mexican mineral water by local artisan Ginger Griffice.

Aaron: Chaucer Doth Tweet

Yes, yes, I confess I have a thing for the olden times, and no one is doing Middle English in 140 characters or fewer better than Chaucer Doth Tweet. Not all the tweets are restricted to the Wife of Bath or Sir Topas, instead they show Chaucer wrestling with the modern literary world. Clever stuff indeed, and clearly written by some academic/language nerd. A sample: "Richard II saith: 'Geoffrey, yt doth vex me that nevir schal Ich inspyre feare and loathing as greatlye as the MLA job informacioun list.'"

Kelsey: Tig Notaro on Conan

Who on earth could make cancer funny? (At least absurdly, darkly humorous.) Comedian Tig Notaro, that's who. She was on Conan O'Brien's show last night following a stand-up set last month at L.A.'s Largo. This has zip to do with design, but everything to do with humanity.


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