Friday Finds 09.16.11

Friday Finds 09.16.11

By Diana Budds
Relive the greatest design moments of the week with this roundup of photographs and videos from the staff of Dwell.

Jordan: Cloud Collection by Rüdiger Nehmzow

What a week, amirite?? Sheesh. Let's all take a quick sec and space out, courtesy of these mesmerizing shots of the sky by Düsseldorf-based photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow. Ahhhh.

The Sleepbox is an oasis of clam for weary travelers.

Casa Malparte was designed in the 1930s by Adalberto Libera.

Inside the Libera's Casa Malparte.

When it comes to made-in-the-USA goods, little scratches the itch to learn more about domestic production than a good old-fashioned factory visit. If, however, you're stuck at the office today, then the next best thing is to watch scores and scores of short, online videos that show how everything from footballs to footwear is made. And your pal Michael Williams of the blog A Continuous Lean has compiled just the Tumblr for you, F*** Yeah Made in the USA. Indulge, my friends. Watch 'em all. The video above is about Danner Boots made in Portland, Oregon.

Diana: Sleepbox

If you've ever had a long layover, then you know about the relentless thrum of an airport: frantic passengers making mad dashes from one gate to the next, crowded terminals filled with cranky people and crying children, and, not to mention, a shortage of power outlets for those trying to squeeze an ounce of work between flights. Enter this recently installed design by Arch Group at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, the Sleepbox. Perhaps one will pop up in an airport near you.

Miyoko: Buckycubes

Ever since a box of Buckyballs arrived in our office many moons ago, we've been hooked on these rare earth magnets. Not only do we love that the name honors the late, great Buckminster Fuller, but we also are guilty of spending many hours making them into all kinds of shapes. (The ones on my desk are currently in the form of a shoe.) This week we stumbled across the a new version of Buckyballs: Buckycubes. We can't wait to get our hands on these.

Jaime: The Interior of Casa Malaparte

I recently returned from two weeks in Italy (honeymoon!) and a highlight of the trip was spying Casa Malaparte from a walking path on the island of Capri. The orange-pink modernist structure is perched on a cliff over the gulf of Salerno, with wide pyramidal steps leading up to the roof. It's closed to the public, so the interior remained a mystery to me until I returned and google image-searched "interior Casa Malaparte" and found this image. I've also added the Godard film "Contempt" to my Netflix queue; it was partially filmed in the house and on the rooftop terrace, so offers a pretty good up-close glimpse of the mysterious house.

Everett: Fantastic Man Does it Again

The Catch Knee Camel Spin from FANTASTIC MAN on Vimeo.

I've had the pleasure to go home every day this week and watch this fruitful collaboration between Fantastic Man and Lernert & Sander. Where do we begin? The Detail? Lighting? Clothing? You tell us.

Leah: Bowery Lane Bicycles

BOWERY LANE BIKE ASSEMBLY from Joe Tomcho on Vimeo.

I am completely infatuated with these vintage-inspired cruisers. But my longing for this bike didn't stop at first glance of its classic sprung leather saddle, its quirky cork handles, the sophisticated steel frame and sleek black fenders—I discovered that I could mount a 100% reclaimed wood shipping crate on the bike to carry around all of my treasures. That was it. A true love affair. Handmade in NYC with American steel, these are the coolest rides around. Check out this video on how to unpack the bike upon arrival. Like me, you’ll be smitten.

Julia: Experience Zero Gravity

Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

This video is beautiful and terrifying. They definitely succeed in evoking strong feelings and emotions from the viewer. It is hard to imagine what it would feel like to free-fall from such great heights in such beautiful locations, but if I were to imagine anything, this video would be it!


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