Friday Finds 08.31.12

By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
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It's the last Friday Finds of August! Here, we share photographs, gear for shutterbugs, and more.
Photo by Dan Winters.

Photo by Dan Winters.

Diana: 1906 vs. Today

Totally awesome photos by Shawn Clover that show modern-day San Francisco and 1906 San Francisco side by side.

Aaron: Zigzag Camera Strap at Photojojo

The good folk at the photo enthusiast site Photojojo are always on the lookout for cool camera gear, and their strap of the month for September is no exception. I dig the colors, I dig the stripes, the only thing you can't do with this jazzy bit of neckwear is fly under the radar. Bad news for undercover journos. Good news for you. Check out the Zigzag Camera Strap at Photojojo's store.

Anna: Photographer Dan Winters

Dan Winters is one of the most amazing photographers out there. He's obsessed with everything and anything sci-fi, tech, history and engineering, and his latest photo essay project is mind blowing. Dan has his Dwell debut of his artwork in the soon-to-come November 2012 issue.

Jaime: Cardboard Bike Video

Discovered, quite randomly, on the blog for the Inhabit webshop: a surprisingly charming YouTube video about about how one bicycle-loving obsessive man, Izhar Gafni, took three years to turn a crazy idea—building a bicycle out of cardboard—into a functional object. Worth a watch!

Photo by Shawn Clover.

Photo by Shawn Clover.

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