Friday Finds 08.10.12

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By Diana Budds
In this edition of Friday Finds, we scoured the depths of the web for the best videos, photos, and products.
Friday Finds 08.10.12 - Photo 1 of 2 - Find Spaghetti Tower at for $23.

Find Spaghetti Tower at for $23.

Diana: Water Towers Around the World

Hat tip to Kelsey for passing along this Instagram blog post spotlighting water towers and tanks. It's fun to see all of the iterations these pieces of infrastructure take, from ones that masquerade as houses to ones that look like they're made from stained glass to ones emblazoned with comic strip characters.

Aaron: Call Me Maybe Star Trek Parody

You've already heard "Call Me Maybe" 40,000 times by now, making it the jam of the summer, just like everyone said it would be when the Carly Rae Jepsen song debuted. But have you heard it performed by the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Make it so.

Kelsey: Ototo Spaghetti Tower

Spaghetti Tower is a storage container that doles out precise amounts of dried pasta for one to four people. This is genius.

Jaime: Classical Music Flashmob

This is among the classiest flashmobs ever, and a neat bit of marketing. To celebrate their 130th anniversary, Banco Sabadell arranged a 100-person orchestra to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony in a town plaza in Sabadell, Spain. Watch to the end—it's lovely to see everyone come together and the music sounds incredible.

Friday Finds 08.10.12 - Photo 2 of 2 -

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