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By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
Moll's just-under-six-mile run resulted in this letter F.

Moll's just-under-six-mile run resulted in this letter F.

When I'm not reading about design, I'm generally reading about running. (I got hooked on the sport two years ago and am now training for my second marathon.) This week, I stumbled upon a delightful combination of the two: the Running Alphabet by Spanish designer Joan Pons Moll. Moll is creating his own typeface by running the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, tracking them with the mobile app RunKeeper, and uploading the maps of his runs on his site So far he has created letters A through G. Moll's enlisting help from runners around the world so if you want to run a letter, let him know.



Here's one of the dozens of images in Stephen Shames's "Bronx" series.

A ceramics project on The Maker's Project site shot by Jennifer Causey.

A ceramics project on The Maker's Project site shot by Jennifer Causey.

A gravestone for designer Paul Rand as seen on Commune Design.

A gravestone for designer Paul Rand as seen on Commune Design.

This one's for Sambi.

Diana: Bronx Boys

I came across this series shot by Stephen Shames that documents a coming of age story for boys living in the Bronx. It started out in 1977 and continued on for more than 10 years. "The idea is to create a world that others can see and feel and know what it was like. That is why the photos are so personal. Many others just see the rawness, the crime, the violence and miss the subtle moments, the yearnings, the humanity. I try to see both," says Shames in an interview with NPR. via @brainpicker

Jaime: The Maker's Project

This week I was thrilled to discover the blog The Maker's Project, which is kind of like a "The Selby", but focused exclusively on creative craftspeople. Beautifully photographed slideshows take you behind the scenes in people's studios and workshops to trace the making-of ceramics, chocolates, jewelry, fragrances, and much more. Lots of inspiring eye-candy.

Aaron: Designer Graves via Commune Design

I was cruising around on Commune Design's tumblr page and came across this post on the graves of designers. Though they start off with Factory Records founder Tony Wilson's grave (designed by Peter Saville and Ben Kelly, natch) Commune quickly skips through the headstones of the design elite. Leave it to a group of architects and designers to demand the last word on how they're represented.

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A New York-based writer, Diana studied art history and environmental policy at UC Davis. Before rising to Senior Editor at Dwell—where she helped craft product coverage, features, and more—Diana worked in the Architecture and Design departments at MoMA and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She counts finishing a 5K as one of her greatest accomplishments, gets excited about any travel involving trains, and her favorite magazine section is Rewind. Learn more about Diana at:

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