Friday Finds 08.03.12

Friday Finds 08.03.12

By Diana Budds
Yes, it's another installment of our beloved Friday Finds. Have a look at the design, technology, and photography picks from the week.

Curwen Sans typeface.

Photo by Todd McLellan.

Kelsey: Paul Octavious Photography

The Chicago photographer's Lean With It series is simple, sure, but merry-making. People angling themselves parallel to precariously leaning trees is essentially the perfect Friday eye candy.

Alejandro: Curwen Sans Typeface

This beautiful typeface was designed over 100 years ago. Here's part of its backstory: "Curwen Sans was first drawn by Harold Curwen at the Curwen Press in 1911. Curwen died in 1949 and the Press went out of business in the 1980s, and his sans serif—pre-emptive of Johnston, Gill Sans, Kabel—has never been digitised. An Endless Supply have re-drawn the font from prints sourced at Cambridge University, and the specimen includes a critical history of the typeface as well as new writing about the processes of revival. The jacket design is a re-print of wallpaper printed by Curwen Press in 1927."

Diana: Deconstructed Objects Shot by Todd McLellan

Photographer Todd McLellan deconstructs objects into their smallest components and shoots artful arrangements of the pieces. Totally amazing.

Tammy: Getaround Gets Around

Here's a fun new service: The San Francisco-based company Getaround makes it quick and easy to rent another person's car or rent out your own all via a web/mobile app that tracks car availability. Getaround's service features include car owner control of the schedule and rental price and the ability to unlock the available rental cars via smartphone - all without the need for company-designated cars like Zipcar.

Kathryn: A Package on Wheels

Bikes on public transit escalators are a bad idea. To the rescue, and for many more altruistic reasons than simply being light enough to carry up the stairs—recycled material, super cheap manufacturing, fully localizeable production—Izhar Gafni has created the Cardboard Bike. And his friend, Giora Kariv, has put together this lovely documentary short about his process.


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