Forwarding Dallas

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By Sarah Rich
Earlier this year, Dwell editor Aaron Britt traveled down to Dallas, Texas, for a design charrette with Re:Vision Dallas. The project is a collaboration between Urban Re:Vision and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation that aims to turn a downtown Dallas city block into a beacon of sustainable building and urban design. In June, the three finalists were announced, and yesterday, the big winner debuted: a design by Portuguese team Atelier Data & MOOV.

The winning project, entitled Forwarding Dallas, is modeled off of a natural hillside. The building will contain residential housing, a gym, café, exhibition space, and daycare center, all housed within a prefabricated green exterior structure mimicking hills and valleys. Several public greenhouses occupy the upper reaches, and the roof features wind turbines, photovoltaics and rain catchment systems.

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The renderings of Forwarding Dallas look truly utopian—like pyramids of the future lined with botanical facades and occupied by healthy, fresh vegetable-eating urbanites. What's exciting is that the support exists to make the vision come to life, with groundbreaking scheduled for 2011. Dallas may not yet have a reputation as one of America's greenest cities, but with this project they certainly make a mark on the map, and may even become a model for both the process and execution of major sustainable urban projects.

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