Foodjects: Design and Cuisine in Spain

The kitchen items explore the relationships between chefs, designers, and companies in Spain. Spanish designer Martin Azua curated the exhibition and included some of his own designs, like stainless steel napkin rings and "Coporron" (which he designed with Gerard Moline). "Coporron" is a hybrid combination of a Spanish copa glass and a traditional Spanish "porron" wine pitcher.

We love the "Taz-ah Cup" designed by Attua Aparicio Torinos, with a snout painted on the cup's bottom. Antoni Arola's "Eggs" bowls allow different foods or even full courses to rest separately in the same serving dish.

After DC, the objects will be shown in different cities in United States, Canada, and Latin America. See more of the FOODJECTS by touring The Washington Post's slideshow of the exhibition.

Images from: Apartment Zero

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