The Training Wheels Are Off for This New Electric Bike

The Training Wheels Are Off for This New Electric Bike

By Matthew Keeshin and Dwell
A brother and sister team is ready to share their innovative design with bike riders.

Who doesn't love a good bike ride? It's widely known that the Danish love their bikes and that their country has been described as one of the happiest places on Earth. And the company MATE is eager to spread that happiness around. Their approach was to create an electric bike that was easy and fun to ride. Founders and siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton don't just see biking as an exercise, but as an everyday convenience. 

So what makes this bike different? Well for starters, it's a nice amenity that this bike can charge a cellphone. The USB charger is built into the handle, so busy riders don't need to worry about an outlet. But the real innovation is that the bike is foldable. The frame is made from aluminum and and the design uses a lithium battery to power the motor. Even the integrated computer system is conveniently packed together for easy travel. Fully-charged, a rider can bike upwards of 55 miles and speed up to 20 miles per hour. The all-terrain tires make the bike versatile for various types of trips. 

After successfully surpassing their IndieGoGo campaign, their e-bike is already striking a cord with riders. 

The bike took two years to design and develop prototypes. Michael and Carton made sure to the find the right manufacturers to produce the electric bike.  

The MATE electric bike is completely foldable. 

The computer system displays battery time, speed, and distance. 


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