Five Boroughs in 48 Hours

When Dwell proposed that I undertake a design writing variant of Supermarket Sweep—visiting five projects in five boroughs in two days—I had a single thought: Why me?
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Getting five sets of interviewees to stay put while I ran around a vast, unpredictable metropolis seemed like a stunt that was bound to fail. Yet the idea was irresistible. Such a tour would draw me through the city’s infrastructure, its trains, roadways, and streets, sharpening my understanding of how the great urban machine holds together. I live in New York for its variety, yet I spend my days shuttling between the same few places in Manhattan; here was a chance to really see my hometown, to apprehend its sweep and multiplicity in a compressed way that would amplify both. And let’s face it: New Yorkers like a challenge—especially one that tests them against their city. This promised to be a good one.

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