#F015 by Förstberg Ling

#F015 by Förstberg Ling

By Leibal
#F015 is a minimal interior located in Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Förstberg Ling.

Only the shell was left of the existing structure, a brick building of 50 m2 in an almost square footprint, with a sloping ceiling height of 3.8 to 5.8 m. In response to the varying ceiling height and to keep the generous natural light from the existing skylight, a partial second floor was inserted in two levels, expanding the total floor area to 90 m2. The combined living room and kitchen occupies most of the ground floor with a pantry, bathroom and the entrance on one side. On the upper level, a mezzanine leads to a small study and two bedrooms with big sliding doors to the open two-level space. A second bathroom is located a couple of steps down from the master bedroom.

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