Expandable Kiosk

Expandable Kiosk

By Diana Budds
Paris firm h2o Architectes recently completed the renovation of an art house cinema, which includes an ingenious puzzle-like furniture feature in its 430-square-foot lobby.

And with a few of the portions expanded out.

The various iterations of the kiosk, depending on the event for which it's to be used.

We've covered the architects before in Dwell—including our popular Shelf Life and Kids Room Renovation stories—and this project does not disappoint on the spatial wizardry scale.

The lobby serves multiple purposes: a space to welcome guests, host special events, sell tickets, and display movies posters and cinema news. Confronted with the need for a flexible layout and furniture to support the various uses, the designers dreamed up a one-stop design piece with elements on tracks that can easily be pulled out or pushed in depending on what's needed, be it a table and benches for children, cash register, phone, printer, display niches, or storage.

Here's the piece when it's closed off.


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