A Midcentury Gem With a Jaw-Dropping Roof Hits the Market in Connecticut

With its soaring roofline and walls of glass, the Evans House opens wide to its lush surroundings.
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Location: 44 Benedict Hill Road, New Canaan, Connecticut

Price: $2,100,000

Architect: James Evans

Year Built: 1961

Footprint: 1,600 square feet (five bedrooms, four baths)

Lot Size: 4.60 acres

From the Agent: "Included in the 1961 Modern House Tour, the Evans House is an iconic architectural masterpiece designed by James Evans as his own home. Using a thin-shell structural system, Evans designed his one-story (plus lower level) house with a hyperbolic paraboloid roof, allowing a nearly completely open plan as few inter-load carrying supports are necessary. His intent to mesh indoor and outdoor living spaces is further emphasized through the living/dining room’s six sliding-glass doors."

A wide, wooden walkway leads to the home’s main entrance, where a bright-yellow door pops against the surrounding glazed facade.

Inside, an original brick fireplace demarcates the various living spaces on the main level.

On the opposite side of the living area is a galley-type kitchen fitted with all-new appliances.

Extensive glazing and wood-clad ceilings bring a bit of the natural world inside the home.

The primary suite, along with four additional bedrooms and two baths, await on the lower level at the back of the house.


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