Emily Katz on How to Give a Bedroom Good Vibes

Emily Katz on How to Give a Bedroom Good Vibes

By Parachute / Published by Parachute

We’re inspired by everything artist Emily Katz gets her hands on. We’ve long been crazypants in love with her work at Modern Macramé and her beautiful, inviting Instagram feed. Between teaching workshops, creating art and styling, Emily still manages to maintain a home in Portland that’s brimming with positive energy. Here Emily describes how she nurtures good vibes in her bedroom – and how you easily can, too!

Make your bed. 

Making the bed doesn’t have to mean hospital corners; Source: Emily Katz/Parachute

A resolution of mine is to always make the bed in the morning. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s a nice ritual to start the morning off right. Plus coming home to a room with a made bed always makes me feel calm and relaxed.

Share with loved ones. 

Bringing a loved one into your room – like a pet – adds positive energy; Source: Emily Katz/Parachute 

I’m pretty great at sleeping in, but Donut has me beat. I can’t blame him, all wrapped up like a little prince in our new Linen Sheets

Keep it tidy. 

The White Linen Venice Set keeps Emily’s room looking clean and cohesive; Source: Emily Katz/Parachute

After any trip, this is what I look forward to most: walking into a tidy and sweet smelling home, taking a hot bath, pulling back the covers and climbing into bed. 

Welcome visitors.  

Welcome visitors with luxe bedding, like the Sand Percale Sheet Set in Emily’s guest room; Source: Emily Katz/Parachute

My partner and I Airbnb two bedrooms in our home, and as someone who travels all the time, I know how good it feels to return to a super comfy place after exploring a new city all day. That’s why we outfitted our guest rooms with Parachute Bedding. Come stay with us some time! From my home to yours, sending good vibes.

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