Emiliano Granado

What’s your ideal working environment?
A combination of the familiar and the unknown, with a lot of opportunity to explore. I’m usually more productive when I don’t have preproduced images in my head. I surprise myself when I just roam in a situation.What novels, music, or films keep you thinking about photography?Lucrecia Martel’s movies consistently blow me away, even watching them for the fourth or fifth time.What’s your dream commission—and what do you wish that you’d photographed?I’d like to create a body of work about Argentina, like Robert Frank did about America. There are lots of pictures I missed in my life! I could’ve made some great work in Western Massachusetts during college, for example.Is there a specific place that changed how you think about photography?My uncle’s backyard: It’s not very big or glamorous, but I’ve spent many afternoons there. It’s all about experiencing something real and genuine.Where do you see your profession in 20 years?I’m scared to think about that!
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