Eileen Fisher Wants You to Meet These Groundbreaking Women in Design, Fashion, and Sustainability

The female-fronted Good Goes On campaign recognizes powerful, design-minded women who are inspiring the next generation.

Eileen Fisher started her namesake sustainable fashion brand in 1984 with one goal: to create beautiful, wearable clothing. For its spring/summer 2020 campaign, the team tapped Girlgaze photographer Heather Hazzan to shoot its Good Goes On campaign. The campaign recognizes talented women who are making a positive change within their communities that celebrate design, sustainability, and female leadership.

"Good Goes On centers around the idea that when women work together across generations, they have the power to affect positive change in the world. [We have] always believed in taking what’s good and passing it along," says the company. The campaign is natural extension of the company’s ethos, as it illustrates the all-important intersection of design, sustainability, and equality. By promoting capable, creative women who are tackling some of today’s toughest situations, Eileen Fisher hopes to inspire more female leadership and empowerment.

Photographer Heather Hazzan launched her career on Girlgaze, an innovative job platform that connects a global network of female and non-binary creatives with the world’s best brands. Her intimate, vulnerable portraiture is a perfect match to accurately capture the six groundbreakers below.

Celine Semaan, Founder of Slow Factory

"The fashion industry has to be responsible for the products that they put out there, to create a way to take them back. They should be thinking of ways to close the loop and create a circular system, a system that resembles nature." —Celine Semaan

Slow Factory is a global nonprofit initiative working at the intersection of fashion, environmental impact, and human rights—engaging brands, scientists, policy makers, media, and communities through education and action.

Jessica Wu, Founder of Period Space

"Without our predecessors, we literally would not be where we are. I feel it’s my obligation to set the foundation for future generations as well." —Jessica Wu  

Model, press director, and founder of Period Space, Jessica is dedicated to empowering people to start conversations surrounding periods and reproductive health.

Aminatou Sow, Co-Host of Call Your Girlfriend Podcast

"It would be so sad to feel like you were succeeding at something you’ve always wanted to do and you look around and realize you didn’t bring anyone along for the ride with you. I just—I can’t imagine that." —Aminatou Sow  

Aminatou is a co-host for the podcast Call Your Girlfriend and is releasing a book, Big Friendship, this summer.

Baillie Riddell, Mountaineer and Environmentalist

"We don’t need 17 pairs of jeans and 30 shirts. We can get away with having more basics, having more staples, having more sustainable, quality clothing." —Baillie Riddell  

As a model, mountaineer, and advocate for self love, Baillie works to empower women to feel comfortable in their bodies and get active.

Suchi Reddy, Architect and Founder of Reddymade

"I’ve always thought that clothing is your first architecture. We build our lives out from our bodies. Then we build the next layer and the next layer—our home, our towns, our cities, our villages, our world. So, for me, fashion has never been a superficial thing." —Suchi Reddy  

Suchi founded Reddymade in 2002. "Form follows feeling" is Reddy's mantra with her primary focus and passion being neuroaesthetics, the study of how the built environment affects us.

Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York Magazine

"As you grow more in life, clothing takes on a different role, at least it has for me. The comfort aspect, and the simplicity aspect, is very important. It does bolster your confidence to wear things that you feel you look your best in." —Wendy Goodman  

Wendy has been at New York Magazine since 2007 defining trends, discovering new talent, and working with top designers, architects, and photographers.

To learn more about the campaign, click here.

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